My Mac menu bar apps, Red Eye and Lucifer, are now for sale on my new Gumroad store.

Previously, these were free downloads on my apps website. If you currently have them installed, nothing will change for you. They will keep working. However, if you have ever been helped by one of my blog posts, enjoyed one of my conference talks, or used one of my open source libraries, then buying these apps is a great way to support my work!

I have listed them both for $2, but Gumroad allows you to pay more if you like — similar to artists selling albums on Bandcamp. I realize it’s a lot to ask you to pay for something that has been free until now, but your support is very much appreciated! And if you are able to leave a rating, that would also be great.

* * *

You might be wondering, why now? Well, I am trying to get more serious about monetization and experimenting with some different sales and distribution models outside of the Mac App Store. Since going independent, I have been financially supported primarily through freelance and contracting work. My goal is to start shifting more of my income towards my indie apps and away from freelance gigs. With these tiny menu bar apps on Gumroad, I’m dipping my toes in the water. Also, I find selling something to be a bit more compelling than simple donations like GitHub Sponsors as a way of supporting someone. (Although, if you would like to sponsor me on GitHub, that would be great too!)

More importantly, I have another Mac app that I’m planning to release this year — not on the Mac App Store. I likely will not be selling and distributing that via Gumroad. I’m currently looking into FastSpring and Paddle to determine which is a better fit. We’ll see how it all works out!