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Hire Me

Need an iOS developer? Look no further! I am available for hire for freelance and contract work for iOS. If you don’t know much about me, take a look around this site to learn more. You can find my CV here.

Interested in working with me? Contact me here. I typically get booked quickly, so I recommend reaching out sooner rather than later. Please be as detailed as possible about your project and what you are looking for.

How I work

I have a decade of experience developing for Apple platforms. Depending on your company’s needs, I’m available to build entire iOS apps from scratch, explore new ideas with quick prototypes, work on new features or fixes for existing apps, and everything in-between. I value clear, direct, proactive communication and getting things done right. With my breadth and depth of experience, I can build solutions efficiently and effectively, always adhering to industry best practices.

I typically work with open-ended contracts at an hourly rate. However, I am open to working for a flat rate for fixed-length projects. Let me know what you are looking for and we can figure out what works best. Depending on the nature and scope of the project and your budget, rates are negotiable. I am based in Oakland, CA and most often working in the Pacific time zone, although I sometimes travel while working.


I’ve worked at a number of different companies as a full-time software engineer, as well as an independent contractor. With a decade of experience developing for Apple platforms, I’ve worked with a lot of great folks over the years. Here’s what a few of them have to say.

  • Samantha JohnHopscotch Technologies, 2021-2022
    Co-Founder and CEO

    "Working with Jesse is a dream. His technical knowledge is top tier, so I always felt confident that he was using best practices. He can move between upgrading your infrastructure, refactoring your code, or shipping features quickly. Lastly, Jesse is an extremely clear and direct communicator. I never had to wonder what he was working on because he took care to keep the team up to date."
  • Peter ChapmanDuolingo, 2020-2021
    Engineering Director

    "We had the pleasure to work with Jesse to improve the user experience of our flagship iOS app for learning languages. Jesse is exceptionally knowledgeable about the platform and consistently applies that background to make the codebase better for both our developers and our learners. On top of that, when working on new functionality Jesse applies sincere empathy for our learners, working with design and product to make sure the latest update is productive and delightful!"
  • Rustin ReeseRxSaver, 2019-2021
    Engineering Manager

    "Immediate impact. As a manager, that was my initial assessment of Jesse after shortly joining us on RxSaver in a part time iOS role. Over time that assessment proved naive and simplistic, but no less true. Jesse's expertise and experience naturally brings a velocity and throughput lift that any organization will feel and value greatly. However, Jesse's passion to make iOS code bases better, coupled with his ability to help shape direction through respectful sharing of nuanced opinion, has had a much deeper and longer lasting effect on RxSaver's iOS app and team culture. As a manager, I couldn't be more impressed."
  • Mike CaloudRosetta Stone, 2013-2015
    Director of Mobile Engineering

    "Industrious, talented, quick learner — all phrases that come to mind when I think about Jesse. As his manager I worked closely with him, and got to examine up close the code he wrote, and the systems he designed, which were always high quality. He has a knack for software development, and he constantly impressed me with his well-designed solutions that he quickly and effortlessly implemented. His peers highly respected his work, and would often seek out his feedback. They loved working with him — he made them better developers, and he was always good company to be around. I greatly enjoyed my time working with him, and would love to again. Any team would be lucky to have him."
  • Yoon ChungRosetta Stone, 2013-2015
    Senior Director of Product Program Management

    "Aside from his great sense of humor and impeccable taste in coffee, Jesse is one of the most talented software engineers I have worked with at Rosetta Stone. This is a person who truly believes in giving back to the development community and raising the bar for developers where ever he goes. Whip smart, quick, and an incredible work ethic make him someone you want in your team. Trust me, the man can make one minute rice in 55 seconds. Hire him if the chance opens up and thank me later. He's that damn good."