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I’m an independent software developer in Oakland, California. I use he/him pronouns. While primarily an iOS and macOS developer, I do have other programming interests. You can learn about my open source work and side projects here, and you can find a list of my conference talks here. I’m currently working on indie projects, as well as freelancing and contracting for iOS. Previously, I have worked at various different companies, which you can find on my cv here.

Regarding work, I’m interested in contributing to and writing software that is useful, meaningful, and prioritizes the privacy and needs of its users rather than the interests of predatory capitalism, gluttonous investors, and government surveillance agencies. I have no interest in working on software that is privacy-invasive, user-hostile, or undermines workers’ rights.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, tea and coffee, plants, body modification, and hook suspension. When I’m not running trails or riding my bike, you can likely find me at punk and hardcore shows in the Bay Area. More generally, I hope to contribute to a society that values community over hierarchy, self-determination over capitalist exploitation, and public ownership over private property. I dream of a world in which prisons are obsolete, police are abolished, and corporations are replaced by worker-owned cooperatives.

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Jesse Squires