— Turing complete with a stack of 0xdeadbeef


I’m a software developer in Oakland, California. I’m primarily an iOS developer, though I have other programming interests. My open source projects are on GitHub and my iOS libraries are on CocoaPods. My side projects can be found at Hexed Bits. I started the Swift Weekly Brief newsletter before handing it off to the community and I co-host the Swift Unwrapped podcast. I’m currently working as an iOS developer at PlanGrid. Previously, I’ve worked at Instagram and Rosetta Stone.

Other interests: reading books (ones made of paper, not bits), biking, trail running, body modification, hook suspension, tea and coffee, cognitive science, moral philosophy, avant-garde art, punk/hardcore/metal, building worker power

More generally, I hope to contribute to a society that values community over hierarchy, self-determination over capitalist exploitation, and public ownership over private property. No gods, no masters.

You can contact me here.

Jesse Squires