I’m happy to share that Nimble 10.0 has been released. It includes a number of fixes, improvements, and new features. It joins the latest release of Quick. For both of these libraries, these are the first releases in almost a year.

In case you missed it, I recently took over as a maintainer for Quick and Nimble. As with Quick, I spent some time over the last couple of weeks to track down all the changes since the previous release of Nimble, organize them into the 10.0 milestone for tracking, get as many pull requests merged as possible, close stale issues and pull requests, and generally get the project cleaned up and organized. Again, many thanks to Sho Ikeda for the years of maintenance leading up to this release.

Also similar to Quick 5.0, this release of Nimble was substantial and absolutely a community effort. You can view the complete release notes here, which also includes a list of all the other contributors. I want to especially highlight and thank contributor and new maintainer, Rachel Brindle (@younata) for her help in getting this release of Nimble out — as well as the last release of Quick! She’s been doing an incredible job, and a majority of the dev work. I have mostly been acting as a project manager.

So, as I said before:

While your thanks is appreciated, the best way to show gratitude in open source is with money. That’s capitalism, baby! It’s a terrible system that no one asked for, but here we are with no choice but to participate. It is a privilege to have the ability and capacity to work for free on open source, but that doesn’t mean contributors don’t deserve compensation. If you use Quick and Nimble, cannot contribute your time, and have money to spare — then consider sponsoring me on GitHub or sending me money another way. You should also send your love — and by love, I mean money, baby! — to all the other contributors.

If you would like to contribute to either of these projects, we are actively working on Quick v6.0 (tracking milestone here) and Nimble v11.0 (tracking milestone here). Our goal is to ship these two releases together. However, we do not have an expected or target release date.