I’ve written about my web host before. I’ve used NearlyFreeSpeech.net for years. It’s very “bare bones”, very DIY, and very no-bullshit. I highly recommend them, especially if you only need to host a static site. It is so inexpensive you could say it’s nearly free.

A few weeks ago, they published a blog post, shortly after the riot at the US capitol, that made me appreciate them even more.

@jdw writes:

So, a bunch of people suddenly discovered they care deeply about free speech immediately after a handful of racists faced even mild consequences for plotting a literal insurrection.

That does not reflect well on those people.

We’ve received quite a few emails (and signups) from them in the past week or so. They appear to believe that “free speech” means they can say whatever they want without repercussions. (It does not.) They expect us to agree with them about that. (We do not.) And they believe they’re entitled to our reassurance and, in some cases, assistance. (They are not.)

We have zero time and even less energy to waste on such nonsense. It is also difficult to express the full magnitude of our disinterest in passing some Internet Randolorian’s “free speech” litmus test. So we close all such inquiries without responding.

But I do want to make some things crystal clear.


Finally, if you’re a racist, we’re not on your side. We are not your allies. We are not sympathizers. The “Free Speech” in our company name is not a secret dog whistle to you.

In an industry controlled by complacent (overt and covert) white supremacist CEOs and “investors” who can’t be bothered to regulate their own companies in any way or take a stance on literally anything unless doing so yields higher profits, a statement like this is shockingly refreshing to read. It emphasizes the abysmally depressing state of the tech industry which continues to pursue its parasitic attack on human progress and the destruction of the general wellbeing of society.

Anyway, if you want to move your blog (or something else) off of Amazon’s servers or whatever other user-hostile, anti-labor, pro-surveillance host you are currently using, check out NearlyFreeSpeech. You’ll probably save some money, too.