You may have noticed that I did not write the last few issues of the Swift Weekly Brief. I took some much needed time off, and I was able to unplug and relax thanks to the wonderful JP Simard and Brian Gesiak. They took over for those weeks and I can’t thank them enough! Bas Broek also made regular contributions, which was super helpful.

But JP and Brian didn’t just help publish a few issues. They brought their own perspective and style and the results were amazing. They did an outstanding job. This is the vision I had for Swift Weekly Brief from the beginning — it’s not my newsletter, it belongs to the community. This is why it’s a GitHub organization and hosted on GitHub Pages, so anyone can contribute.

This is why I’m writing today — to invite you join us as a guest writer, if you’re interested. I’m back today for this week’s issue., but Bas Broek will be writing next week.

If you would like to join us, open an issue!