I previously wrote about how the requirements for screenshots on the App Store have become increasingly burdensome over the years. It is truly a nightmare. But today I have good news to share! Our nightmare is coming to an end, as changes to screenshot requirements were announced at WWDC24 this year.

App Store Connect is getting an update and only one set of screenshots will be required for iPhone and iPad! This news was somewhat buried toward the end of the session, What’s new in App Store Connect. Unfortunately, it was only a brief bullet point with no extra details — but I’ll take it. It’s not clear which devices will be allowed for a single set of screenshots, but it will likely be one of the larger device sizes for both iPhone and iPad from the latest models.

It also is not clear when these changes will take effect in App Store Connect. Currently, the old requirements remain. I suspect that App Store Connect updates will coincide with the final releases of iOS 18 and macOS 15 later this year. So, we’ve got a few months to wait.

What about macOS screenshots? There are problems there, too — specifically the allowed sizes and aspect ratios. Unfortunately, it looks like the existing requirements for macOS screenshots will remain. At least we made progress on iOS.

* * *

There were some other welcome changes announced in What’s new in App Store Connect.

  • More opportunities to get your app discovered via “Featuring Nominations”
  • TestFlight is getting an updated invitation experience and criteria for public links that allow you to restrict invites to things like specific devices and operating systems
  • Deep links to custom product pages
  • A new “Promote Your App” feature to help you generate marketing assets
  • Notifications when your app gets featured on the App Store (another “finally!”)