With the recent announcement that Threads.net is starting to integrate with ActivityPub, I figured it would be a good time to remind folks that you can follow me on Mastodon at @jsq@mastodon.social. Many of my connections have moved over from Twitter — but sadly, not all of them. Although, some have moved over to Threads. If you would like to join Mastodon.social, you can use my invite link.

As I previously wrote, Mastodon is pretty fucking awesome and I really enjoy it. It is currently my only (active) social media account. I am no longer using Twitter, for reasons I hope should be obvious by now. Seriously, what a shitshow. However, my posts on this blog are still automatically posted to Twitter for now. (That’s another reason for this post, so I don’t have to login to that awful website.)

I have no plans to create an account on Threads. Let’s be honest, Facebook is truly not that much better than Twitter. All (for-profit) social media is predatory, manipulative, invasive, and socially destructive.

If you were hoping to find me on Threads, sorry. But if Threads follows through on its promise to federate, then that shouldn’t be a problem for either of us.