To finish off this year, here are my most popular posts of 2021. You can find previous years here under the #top-posts tag. As you likely know, I use GoatCounter for analytics for my site. (You should check it out!) All of my analytics data is publicly available so you can view it too.

You can view the data here for this year’s top posts, which is filtered to display site visits for all of 2021 and only for posts written in 2021 (that is, URLs matching /blog/2021/). If you’d like to browse posts beyond the top 10, you can use the same link. To see everything I’ve written in 2021, you can browse the archive.

  1. My worst tech interview experience
  2. Apple’s DocC is excellent, but unusable for open source projects
  3. Is SwiftUI ready?
  4. Apple’s cooperation with authoritarian governments
  5. A better approach to writing a UserDefaults Property Wrapper
  6. Diffable data source behavior changes and reconfiguring cells in iOS 15
  7. An iOS shortcut to show proof of vaccine
  8. Different ways to observe properties in Swift
  9. Resources for learning SwiftUI
  10. Xcode tips for everyone

I’m always surprised and fascinated by which posts become the most popular. It feels so unpredictable. There’s one honorable mention that I’d like to highlight — my favorite post from this year, Yo, where’s my Juicero? A survey of talent in Silicon Valley. This satirical essay unfortunately did not land in the top 10, but it did make the top 20 as the 19th most popular piece this year.