Jesse Squires

— Turing complete with a stack of 0xdeadbeef


I enjoy speaking at conferences and meetups to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences about programming, software, and community — particularly open source, iOS, Swift, and Objective-C. You can find the materials and details for all of my talks on GitHub and all of my slides on Speaker Deck.

Feel free to contact me about speaking at your event! You can email jesse at this domain.


  Date   Title   Event   Location   Links
08 Nov 2016 Pushing the limits of protocol-oriented programming Swift Summit Palace of Fine Arts, SF slides, video, code
23 Sep 2016 140 proposals in 30 minutes FrenchKit Pan Piper, Paris 🇫🇷 slides, video, code
28 Jul 2016 Keynote Panel Forward Swift Regency Ballroom, SF video
13 Jun 2016 WWDC Swift Live Panel, take 2 WWDC Swift Panel Realm, San Francisco video
04 Mar 2016 Contributing to open source Swift try! Swift conference Cyber Agent, Tokyo 🇯🇵 slides, video
28 Jan 2016 Swifty view controller presenters Swift meetup (SLUG) Realm, San Francisco slides, video, code
14 Apr 2015 Using Core Data in Swift Swift meetup (SLUG) Realm, San Francisco slides, video, code